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Danny Brown – Combat

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Popular singer and songwriter, Danny Brown drop this new hit titled Combat.

The album closer, “Combat,” sounds closest to what you would imagine a Danny Brown-Q-Tp collaboration if you were bold enough to pigeonhole these two relentless innovators. However, there’s certainly nothing boring about it. The track’s backbone is a wheezing horn sample that is inherently off-kilter, but arranged so deftly and rapped on so smoothly that it becomes delightful. Tip and Consequence join Danny for a hook that ties together the theme of the brutal and educational trials of street life. Nonetheless, “Combat”‘s highlight is Danny’s final verse, where he sounds like a balloon that was unleashed to fly dizzily around a room, raps spewing out as it deflates. He becomes an instrument riffing alongside the horns.

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Quotable Lyrics

Twelve grams on the scale, watch me do arts and crafts
Any day could be my last, livin’ like that
Tripped over the crack, crippled by circumstance
N**** gotta face the facts, make this world your own
Sun sprinkled light for this mega-marathon


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